Services in prevention and detection of money laundering

Services in prevention and detection of money laundering

Servicios en prevención y detección de operaciones con recursos de procedencia ilícita en México

Our services are specialized and focused on the Audit of regulatory compliance in the Prevention of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin and Financing to Terrorism.

The attestation exam is carried out in accordance with Bulletin 7040, "Examinations on the Compliance with Specific Provisions", issued by the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, which consists of conducting the examination based on selective tests, interviews, analysis of information and documentation, and evidence relating to the assertions of the administration of each Financial Entity.

Likewise, we generate the necessary mechanisms to guarantee compliance with the external regulations, namely compliance with Laws, Regulations and General Provisions in the matter, and of course, compliance with internal controls, manuals and code of ethics, with the purpose of helping to minimize non-compliance with external regulations.

Money Laundering, also known as Money Laundering, as well as Terrorist Financing, are specialized processes that are often complex and difficult to identify, making it essential to design and establish policies that prevent financial institutions Are used for the commission of criminal acts. In the firm we have Specialists in the Prevention and Persecution of Operations with Resources of Illegal Origin, graduated from the National Institute of Criminal Sciences "INACIPE", as well as personnel certified by the National Banking and Securities Commission on this issue.

The services we offer are:
  1. Reports on compliance with the General Provisions on Money Laundering Prevention. "Annual Audit".
  2. Diagnostics and recommendations on Internal Control in Prevention of Money Laundering.
  3. Assessment of Money Laundering risks for the Institution, its Subsidiaries, and Related companies if it exists.
  4. Accompaniment in the Internal and External Normative Compliance of the Institution.
  5. Definition of the Operative Structure and Compliance in the matter.
  6. Mitigation of penalties and sanctions through accompaniment in regulatory compliance, as well as the preparation of answers which authorities require.
  7. Preparation of Policy Manuals, Criteria, Measures and Procedures in Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing to Terrorism, through the analysis of the particular operation of each Institution and Sector to which it belongs.
  8. Elaboration of Training Programs.
  9. Training in Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.
  10. Design and implementation of Transactional Risk Matrices.
  11. Design and implementation of Normative Compliance Matrices in Prevention of Money laundering and Terrorism Financing.
  12. Parametrization of the System of Money Laundering and the generation of Alerts.

Added Value

Credibility and trust

To be the head counters of our customers, we strive to maintain high credibility and retain their trust. This is only achieved with continuous results.

Honesty and Ethics

Ethics and honesty are permanent values ​​in all our activities. We strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics of Public Accounting and promote compliance with all laws, safeguarding the safety of our clients.


Our Firm has achieved a strong presence in the market thanks to our professionalism, our empathy and interest of customers and the results of our work. We are concerned about the orderly and healthy growth of the companies we serve, which leads to our own growth.

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