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Auditoría Fiscal
Fiscal Auditing

We provide this service to companies that are obliged to audit their financial statements according to Mexico’s Federal Fiscal Code and to those who choose to inform the authorities of their fiscal and financial situation.

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Auditoría Financiera
Financial Auditing

This represents the audit of the financial statements where we review the accounting records of a company in order to obtain a basis to issue an opinion on their reasonability.

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Auditoría Operacional
Operational Auditing

These audits are focused on verifying the administrative processes of companies to ensure that they perform their operations according to their manuals and policies, validating that their internal control is achieving its purpose.

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Consulting Fiscal
Tax Consulting

Through this service, we give advice to our clients for the correct, opportune and adequate fulfillment of their fiscal obligations.

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Precios de transferencia
Transfer Pricing

Mexican tax legislation requires that companies conducting business with foreign related parties do so following market conditions, therefore applying arm’s length prices.

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Sistemas de costos
Cost Management

Being one of the key factors in every business, not all companies have an adequate cost system that will allow them to determine their true unitary manufacturing cost or the cost of services provided.

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Proyectos especiales
Special Proyects

Frequently, companies require special work that deviates from their routine functions, reason for which they do not often have the experience or the resources to accomplish it.

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Reingeniería de procesos
Business Process Reengineering

This activity consists in the analysis of a company’s goals to verify that the processes needed to achieve these goals are optimal.

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Business Strategy

The experience that our firm has obtained throughout years of work in many different sectors of the economy and with hundreds of companies, allows us to offer professional consulting services.

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Liquidación de empresas

Our firm provides liquidation services which include, among others, for partners to legally accept and act as liquidators, to manage the dissolving company during the liquidation period.

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Ingeniería financiera
Financial Engineering

We assist our clients in financial projects, even participating in their negotiations upon request.

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Many of our foreign clients prefer not to have an administrative infrastructure to control and manage their treasury functions.

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Asistencia a la administración pública
Assistance to public administration

The firm has assisted different public administration agencies in accounting, administrative and control functions, so that the operations of these agencies meet all the necessary requirements.

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Asistencia a la administración pública
Services in prevention and detection of money laundering

Our services are specialized and focused on the Audit of regulatory compliance in the Prevention of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin and Financing to Terrorism.

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About us / Rocha Salas y Cía. S.C.

Our firm has more than 30 years of experience providing accounting, auditing and administration services as well as tax advice. This experience in the Mexican market represents an added value for our clients.

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Credibility and trust

To be the head counters of our customers, we strive to maintain high credibility and retain their trust. This is only achieved with continuous results.

Honesty and Ethics

Ethics and honesty are permanent values ​​in all our activities. We strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics of Public Accounting and promote compliance with all laws, safeguarding the safety of our clients.


Our Firm has achieved a strong presence in the market thanks to our professionalism, our empathy and interest of customers and the results of our work. We are concerned about the orderly and healthy growth of the companies we serve, which leads to our own growth.

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